"Only The Meek"                               

Marina Housing, Inc. is a California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation, organized under the IRS Code 501 (c)(3) and under the Revenue and Taxation Codes of 1954.  The Corporation was incorporated on October 3rd 1996.  The Corporation received it's Federal Tax Exempt Status in October 2005 to provide Low to Moderate-Income Families and Individuals with affordable financing.

Over the years Marina Housing, Inc. has successfully assisted many families, communities and/or individuals with fee-free services such as;

  • Housing Counseling
  • Delinquent Mortgage Support
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Tax Counseling

Shortly after Mr. Caldwell, arrived in California from a tour in Viet Nam, his interests were to develop his Business Law and Real Estate career.  During the later 70's and early 90's his career was formed by developing several housing projects.  As president of the Oakland Housing Tenant Union, he controlled a $1.2 Million Dollar budget, that called for the tenants living in public housing to be involved in the process of developing safe and well-maintained public housing units. 

He received much of his development experience while working with Lathrop Construction Group the General Contractors assigned to the project; and he also hired tenants living in public housing; a community comprised of more than 4500 families, were hired to work on various apprenticeship related jobs!

The Revitalization of the Peralta Village was one such project!  The Havenscourt Village Senior Housing project was another.  Mr. Caldwell, ran an unopposed Citywide election, for the office of the President for a four years term and with his legal background developed a Youth Enterprise Zone that hired over 100 youths from the culturally enriched communities within the City of Oakland, and he received an accommodation award from Dr. Love, Superintendent of the Oakland Public Schools, for conducting a stellar program for our Bay Area youth for over four years.
He also worked with many City of Oakland Neighborhood Groups, in and around the target areas of Oakland; and helped these various groups to obtain their Incorporation status with the Secretary of State office, in Sacramento, California!

Many of these groups laid the foundation and were the cornerstones; which were developed pacifically for the residents of the City of Oakland. The majority of these projects are still standing and operating today!
Mr. Caldwell, did however worked on many low to moderate-income housing projects, some as co-owner and on others as an 203K consultant.  As manager of Corbett Termite & Construction Co, Murgado Construction Co, Apex Construction Co and Lopez Construction Co, Inc., as the RME & RMO of the corporations, which gave way for his extensive knowledge that he has in this industry.
Mr. Ray Caldwell, Sr., aka Doc because he has been invited to work on, so many difficult projects which is his specialty, he is a closer and have closed all but none of the projects that he has worked on in the past forty (40) years!

Marina Housing, Inc. shall maintain a strict level of integriy with all of the programs that we sponsor and we will only support those programs that encourage positive Growth, Change and Experiences that will better the communities in which we serve!

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